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Hummers on sale, clearance! - National Autos

Hummers for sale! GM has kicked the Hummer brand to the curb and now they need to clear out their stockpile of these gargantuan gas guzzlers.

Available to civilians since the 1990's, Hummer busted onto the scene with a badass tude. You'd see them in movies, Schwarzenegger never left home without being in one and they were the ultimate must-be-seen-in vehicles of the well-to-do. After a few years green interest groups started to blow steam about these mega haulers. You'd hear complaints like "too difficult to park," "too massive--a threat to smaller vehicles," "poor fuel economy," "terrible blind spots," "there's a lien on my house because I couldn't afford to keep filling up that sucker up with gas!" Pretty soon Hummer sales started taking a dive.

As part of a restructuring move, GM made the decision last year to part ways with the Hummer brand. A Chinese company's interest was piqued but the sale fell through the cracks this past February.

Hummer's U.S. sales in this year's first three months fell 72 percent to 855 vehicles. Even Hummer's head honcho, CEO Jim Taylor is throwing in his hat and opting for a less frantic pace as a retiree.

There are only 2,200 Hummers left, so GM is making you a deal house clearance prices that you might not be able resist. Hummer is on sale! Potential buyers can get $6,000 rebates on a 2009 model year Hummer H2 full-sized SUV, or H3 mid-sized SUV. GM is also offering $5,000 on the 2009 Hummer H3T, a pick-up version of the H3, and $4,000 on the few 2010 H3T's that were made and remain in stock.

Got good credit? GM wants to make YOU a deal! How about 0% financing for six years on all Hummer models.

Are you salivating yet?

Warning:  This sale is only for those folks who don't give a hoot about ecology!

--Car Chick


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